How to make Bamboo Wind Chimes

How to make Bamboo Wind Chimes: Bamboo wind chimes not only provide us with a serene environment but also give an elegant touch to our gardens.

Unlike other wind chimes, bamboo wind chimes are not very loud. Therefore, they do not disturb. 

Famous for their natural look and the serene sound they produce, bamboo chimes help us in relaxation, calm us down and help us to fall asleep. 

They blend adequately with the environment and are eco-friendly as they are made of bamboo wood.

They are perfect for a place where one does yoga or meditates. It is of keen interest to people who are ardent spirituals.

People wonder how this tranquility can be bought into their houses without spending money. 

Bamboo wind chimes are thrilling and easy to make, and in this article, we are going to discuss different ways to learn how to create one. 

How to make Bamboo Wind Chimes

Idea 1

Do you have old and damaged wood woven bags in your house? You don’t have to throw them away as you can upcycle them into beautiful show pieces.

Remove all the sticks from the bag. We just need 10 to 12 sticks for this project. 

We will cut them into pieces and turn them into a melody wind chime which will definitely create tremendous positive energy around us.

Now mark them all for whatever length you want and cut them inclined. 

The inclined cut will give us a deep calming sound from the wind chime, just like the flute mechanism. 

Make holes on the stick, keeping the cut facing you.

Take a thick bamboo stick and cut it into half [horizontally]; colour it brown to give it a woody look, which we will use as a hanger to hang our mini bamboo sticks. 

Make holes within gaps of 1 to 2 cm along the margin, as shown in the picture below.

Take a jute thread and pass it through the first and last holes of the thick bamboo for it to hang.

Tie the mini sticks to the thick bamboo hanger to maintain equal heights from the top in a pair.

Tada, your bamboo wind chime is ready. 

To add a little spice, you can even add a small wind chime the same way and hang it in the middle, which will give your wind chime a more elegant look.


Idea 2

This time we are going to take help from mister coconut.

  • Take a coconut.
  • Cut it into half 
  • Remove the coconut meat. 
  • Polish the half with sandpaper.

Take bamboo wood and make an inclined cut, which will give us a deep calming sound from the wind chime, just like the flute mechanism. 

Polish them with sandpaper, the same way coconut sells, to give them shine.

Make holes along the margin of the coconut shell at regular intervals.

Drill holes through bamboo woods at one end.

Pass jute thread through the coconut shell and attach the bamboo sticks via jute thread to the coconut shell.

For external decors, you can even inculcate vertically cut bamboo wood circles of varying sizes, one into another and hang them through the center. 

And once again, with a more innovative form, your tranquility is fabricated.

Wrapping Up

Well, we told you how to make a bamboo chime. It’s easy and helps you keep a serene environment around you.

So, if you are a fan of tranquility, this will be a great help to calm yourself every time you are stressed. 

Try making one, and we hope this article was a help to you.


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